Kevin Shaw,  a local farmer, produces corn, cotton, peanuts, wheat and olives. Shaw Farms is a family owned and operated farm with a rich heritage of valuing family, community, customers and the environment. In 1997, Kevin and his wife, Gayla, began grinding naturally grown white corn into grits for their personal consumption. They began bagging and giving their grits as Christmas gifts after family and friends raves over the unique creamy flavor. Gayla's Grits quickly became a holiday favorite with their personal recipe on the bag. 

Due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback, Kevin and Gayla decided to market their 100% all natural grits. Even though they realized they must expand production, neither wanted to sacrifice the quality and integrity of their 100% all natural grits. In an effort to maintain superior nutritional value, they grow all the corn for Gayla's Grits with heirloom seeds (no GMO) on their family farm. Also located on the farm is their new mill purchased in 2011. They have the capability of grinding 1000 pounds of corn per hour. The stone mill is enclosed, temperature controlled and dedicated exclusively for Gayla's Grits. This assures maintaining a 100% Gluten Free environment, superior freshness and quality control which is their upmost priority.  Since no preservatives are used in the process, Gayla's Grits are stored under refrigeration. The meticulous steps taken to plant, nurture, harvest and mill the 100% all natural white corn to produce Gayla's Grits will never be compromised. These steps are what make Gayla's Grits so special. 

In 2009, Kevin partnered Jason and Sam Shaw to form Georgia Olive Farms. The legacy of attention and commitment to healthy nutrition and superior quality is evident in Georgia Olive Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil making it stand out from the sea of imports and fraudulent oils on the grocery shelf.